Cushy Comfy


IMG_1868Well, eventually, that is what I hope these chairs will once again become.  Cushy.  Comfy.  And in fabric that is fur (and claw!) resistant.  Hope springs eternal, you know.

I ‘ve started on the last major house related sewing project: re-upholstering the dining chairs.  A set of four.  I did them once before, but of course never bothered to make a pattern of the cushion.  This time, I was smarter, and traced it off onto tissue.

Why does this matter?  Because as you can see in the background, the new fabric has a big bold jacquard pattern to it, and I wanted to be sure that each chair had a different section of the design.  And each motif had to be centered.  Can’t do that when you’re unable to see though the template.  Well, maybe Superman could, with his X-ray eyes, but not my peepers.

Once I had the fabric off, I realized they needed a bit more padding (as though I don’t already have enough – Ha! )  The original foam was still intact, but not looking very healthy.  So, I’m adding another inch of high density foam, which should set these seats right for several more years.  Prince Charming will glue up any loose joints, and I will color in the dents and dings from moving.  A nice coating of quality furniture oil, and they should be Suitable for a Swanky Sit-down.


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