Have a Seat


IMG_1869All lined up in a row; the dining chairs are finished!  Woohoo!
Time to sit down an relax…if only I could convince the Hellboys to cook dinner, instead of moi!

IMG_1874I am actually rather surprised at how quickly these went together.  2 chairs were finished after work on a Friday, and the other two on the following Sunday, with time left over for other things, like house cleaning.

The fabric is quite sturdy, so I am hoping it will stand up to several years worth of chubby human bottoms, napping cats and  no doubt the occasional dribbles and drabs from dinner.

Sir Puck was the first to sharpen his claws on them.  Litte devil!

Maximus merely walked from one chair to the next, sniffing as he went.  They smelled like the old chairs…but didn’t.


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