Vogue 8597

IMG_1912Looking like clothing for a long-necked giraffe

IMG_1913But it’s not.  Trust me.  That’s actually the cowl, straightened up. When it’s worn, and all folded down, it’s much softer.

Though I suppose wearing this shirt with the cowl pulled up over one’s face might make for a good robbery mask.  Or disguise.  Instead of “Who is that woman in those Foster Grants” it would be “Who is that woman in those stripes”.  Naah.  Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

I did my best to match said stripes, and was mostly successful.  The shoulder stripes on the back don’t quite line up…but that’s OK by me.  I don’t see my back.

The fabric is a rayon from Stonemountain and Daughter…on their sale table, no less.  The thin gold bits take it from boring to bang!


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