Meet Francoise


IMG_1904Isn’t she just the coolest thing!

Yes, this is a mannequin.  A padded mannequin, no less.  We were introduced at Pier 1 Imports, of all places.  I was running errands one weekend, when I stopped in for no good reason what so ever.  Some errand missions are like that.

She was draped in all manner of things, and I thought “What a cool display!  Stores have access to all the best goodies”  On closer inspection, there was a price tag on her…she too was for sale!  “Hmmm,” thinks I, and leave.

Of course, the whole next week, I couldn’t get her out of my mind.  What could I use a mannequin for?  Besides the fact I’ve just always wanted one.

Then it hit me…all those cigar boxes of beading.  Yes, all those bright baubles I make are stored in cigar boxes – can’t see a lick of ’em.  Françoise could wear them!  A pin here, a necklace there; I could drape her in diamonds (euphemistically speaking)!IMG_1906

She came home with me the very next Saturday.  Even better, she was marked down from the week before!

Now she sits near the beading table, ready to wear whatever creations are completed.  I think she may be visiting next year’s Studio Tour too!


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