Cutting Table Extra-Ordinaire


IMG_1919Prince Charming promised he would make me a cutting table when we moved here.

Little did I realize it would be both a work of art, and supremely functional.  I had notions of cobbling something together from some Ikea or Target bookshelves, add a top and that would be it.  His creation far surpasses any of that!

IMG_1921We taped off space on the floor to get an idea of what the size should be.  Wide enough to cut standard fabric, long enough so that a couple of yards would not hang off the end.  I was concerned it would be too big for the room.  Not so!

Then we went in search of wood.  I was trying to make this a simple project.  Prince Charming thought that if the job was worth doing, it was worth doing well.  Gotta love that!

4 x 6 posts for the legs.  2 x 4 for the side frame and supports.  We found huge (48 x 96) sheets of melamine covered plywood at Home Depot.  Of course, that wasn’t considered sturdy enough, so a second sheet of 3/4 inch plywood was adhered to the back.  IMG_1923This makes for one solid table top.  So solid, it took 3 of us to get it into the house!

The wood is painted because, well, it’s construction grade, and not all the pretty to look at.  We couldn’t find furniture grade anywhere local.

Did you notice the red racing stripe along the top matches the red wheels?  My most favorite feature.

This is also where we’ll go in the event of a nuclear blast.  Or earthquake.  This table is not going anywhere.  It is one solid piece of furniture.

I stop by on the days when I am not sewing, just to give it a pat.  Wonderful!  Just wonderful!


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  1. What an awesome table! No issues with wobbliness there, and I think I like it better than if it were stained and painted. Are you going to add storage under it?

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