IMG_1965I roll along, roll along, roll along

There are still a few bits and pieces being done to the Cauldron of Creativity (aka sewing room).  One of them was to get new casters for my chair.  These are a nice, soft rubber specifically made for wood floors.  I had to special order them.

So, why new casters?  Why not a new chair?  Well, I’ve been sitting in this chair for many years, and we’ve grown together.  It’s lumps and bumps match mine.  It’s the right height, the seat depth and back are perfect.  You get the idea.  Why break in something new when I really didn’t have to.

Now, the new casters were an absolute necessity.  The original wheels had picked up a lot of grit while our furniture was in storage – to the point where rolling around acted like sand paper on the hardwood floors.  There is a sanded crop circle in the office to prove it!  A mishap before I realized what was going on.

The bearings of the old wheels were also chock-a-block full of thread, dust, cat fur, more thread, the odd bit of fabric.  You get the idea.  Even though I am fairly neat and tidy, things tended to be picked up.

Now, with the nudge of a bare foot (everyone sews barefoot, don’t they?) I can glide from one end of the room to the other.  Even the cats have learned to get out of the way!


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