Cha, Cha, Chain Maille


IMG_1924I don’t, in general, do much wire working with my jewelry.  The odd eye pin or head pin from colored wire, perhaps.  Lately though, I’ve felt a need to do something with sturdier tools than a needle and thread.  Enter these chain maille bracelets.

They’re a lot of fun to wear, having heft and swagger to them.  If you’ve read any of the beading blogs or magazines, chain maille has taken off like a storm.  There are all sorts of intricate patterns that can be made.  Basically, it’s not your SCA re-enactors territory any more!

This is my simple dip into that realm.  I probably won’t do much more than this. I know, never say never.

Anyway, these are made with borosilicate drops (or they could be buttons), each of which is threaded onto a jump ring, then the jump rings closed around each other to form links. Add enough links, and you get a decorated chain.  Add a clasp, and you have a bracelet.

They’re a lot of fun to make.  I enjoyed wielding pliers (one in each hand), making sure each and every ring stayed round, true and closed with a crisp snap.


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