Hey Lana


IMG_1948Ho Lana, Lana, Lana, Hi

or something to that effect.  Yes, you’ve seen this fabric before.  Deja vu anyone?

It was originally made up as the Teagarden T several months back.  However that pattern leaves a lot of excess fabric.  Excess fabric to be used for other projects, so it’s not a waste.

This is Lana, a pattern from Style Arc pattern company out of Australia.  Last year I picked up a couple of their patterns, and am just now getting around to sewing them.  I really like the lines of this top – different enough to be stylish, but still enough of a t-shirt that it can see frequent, regular wear.

Alas, Lana has proved to be quite problematic.  This is version 2.  It still doesn’t fit quite right, but I have help coming over to improve this.  Version 1 was huge!  Huge, I say!  Which is rather odd, as it’s the same size as the Laura, which I blogged about here.

Laura fit right out of the envelope.  Lana, I’ve already taken an inch out of the front, and inch from the back, and raised the arm holes another 3/4 inch.  Let’s all sing the praises of muslins!  There is still tweaking to be done, but on a much smaller scale.  I persevere.



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