IMG_1941Thump, Thump

The colors in this bracelet remind me of one of those heart monitors you see on TV shows.  Or a hot flash.  Either way, it’s Bright and Beautiful!

This piece is an experimental deviation from the triangles I was doing a while back.  It’s still peyote stitch with size 8 seeds, but taken in a different direction.  Up and Out!  It was also tons of fun to do!

As you can see from the photo below, when laid out flat there’s a slight curve to the bracelet.  Since it’s quite deep (almost 2 inches) this actually helps it fit one’s wrist better, flaring out like a body’s arm does.  It’s also an artifact of the minute difference in seed bead sizes, with a little serendipity thrown in for good measure.   The red beads were a tad larger than the clear on the other side.

There are lime green hex beads along each edge, which give a nice bit of zing!  The green sparkles on the white side, and contrasts on the red.



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