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IMG_1984Writing on the Wall

or rather, doors, is allowed in the sewing room.  This is the last of the major personalization I wanted to do for the room.  Now I can leave myself notes, and not worry about where that blasted piece of paper went!

I applied some cool stuff called White Board Paint to the raised center panels of three doors.  I had read about this paint a couple years back, and always thought it a nifty idea.  Nifty it is!

There are several brands on the market.  I read multiple reviews, and finally settled on the product offered by Idea Paint.  It’s very simple to do.  You prep the surface with a little sanding; the smoother the surface the more white board-ish the result will be.  Then you mix a bottle of “this” into a can of “that”, and apply the result with a roller.  Literally, the cans are labelled “this” and “that”.  They even provide the roller (though not the roller handle).

The most difficult thing about the whole process was waiting the 7 days for the paint to cure before I could start writing.  Oh, and it stinks.  A lot!  If you decide to do this, be sure you can keep the windows open and a fan going, lest you become asphyxiated!

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