Rim Fire


IMG_1988This has been the view the past couple weeks of August, and pretty much through the Labor Day holiday.  Folks may have heard there’s a fire bordering Yosemite National Park?  It seems we are exactly in the path of the prevailing winds, which blow from the southwest.

Air quality had been mostly poor, and a couple of days the local news even said hazardous.  Hazardous to the point the schools stopped outdoor activities.  Local high schools has their sports teams bussed to other locations so kids could play, and stay in the running for scholarships as well as state titles.

It was surreal.  Very.  Very.  Surreal.  One day I went outside to fetch the trash and had ash falling on me!

IMG_0207Thankfully, we are pretty much back to our normal view.  It is once again safe to breathe the air, and spend time out of doors!


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