Cooling Down


IMG_1977This morning when I logged on, the computer’s weather gadget said it was 42 degrees.  That’s…something else in Celcius.

Nippy comes to mind as a good description.  Almost cold.

Time to put away the silky knits and start sewing with denser fabrics.  Fabrics like this one!

It’s a thick rib knit, which is somewhat flanneled on the inside.  Maybe the fabric wants to be sweat shirting when it grows up?

I had 1 1/3 yards, so there was no margin for error.  At least that was the yardage measure before washing.  Being mostly cotton, I am sure it shrank, though I didn’t measure to find out how much.

The pattern is one I’ve used before, the Plain & Simple Tee from Hotpatterns.  Their web site calls this pattern a Redux, because it’s been re-issued.  I have the original, which works just fine.  I think the redux may be longer.  I had to add 2 inches to the length to get a high-hip fit.

Neckline and sleeve banding is made from a slubbed rayon.  Not an exact color match, but in stash and plenty close.  I think this T will be getting a lot of wear as the weather cools.


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