La Rose Noir


IMG_2120A very special occasion requires a very special gift

Several years back, I went to the Tucson Gem & Mineral show with a friend.  We had been co-workers of the “seasoned hand / eager to learn” variety, from which our friendship blossomed.  I even had the privilege of writing a Letter of Recommendation for her when she applied to Grad School.

IMG_2121Anyway during our sojourn through the bling and baubles, she mentioned that her High School nickname had been Black Rose.  I never learned the details, but the phrase stuck in my memory.  Also that the rose in question had to be of the floribunda (I think it is) variety – not one of the breeds with singular petals.  When I saw this cabochon, I knew who would appreciate it the most.

It helped that her birthday is in September.

So, a lovely (if I do say so myself) brooch.  The center is a lucite cabochon, surrounded with a peyote bezel of size 11 and 15 beads in matte black and various shades of grey.  Milk-white faceted czech beads surround the edge. tipped with a trio of hematite 15ºs.

Even better, the back turned out as nicely as the front.  Happy Birthday, J!


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