Garden Sunrise


IMG_1936It’s taken longer than expected to complete this bracelet.  The first iteration proved to be too small, so I cut it apart and started over.  This one, the second, had to wait while more beads were ordered and shipped.  Then it had to wait again while the correct size of beads was shipped.  Then more time passed while the original corrective shipment was lost, and a second dispatched.  Someone in the stock room of this on-line retailer has obviously mixed the 11º and 10º delicas, thinking all delicas are one size.  Not so!

I now present:  Garden Sunrise

The overall design is edgy, with zigs and zags, peaks and valleys.  The colors give a softer appearance, for those occasions where you don’t need to announce your competency, instead letting it fill the room like a fragrance.

The sea green of the front zigs remind me of forget-me-nots, while the dark purple on the base are crocus.  The rest of the garden rises up behind, with the first peachy shades of sunrise separating the flower beds.


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