Wearing Washi


IMG_2137What can I say?  The Dia de los Muertos bracelet turned out so well, I decided to try another.  This time using Japanese washi paper.

Washi paper is what’s used in origami and other paper arts.  It’s very pretty, often having flower petals embedded in it, or gold foil overprinting, or other unusual bits.  It’s also thin; somewhere between tissue and typing paper.

I’ve had some small sheets of it from back in the day I thought I’d try origami.  Never did the origami bit, but kept the paper all the same.  Finally found a use for it!

This is another quasi-kit bracelet, only requiring glue and scissors for assembly.  No thread.  No needle.  No beads.  The round frames do allow the elastic to show, but that doesn’t bother me.  Something  a bit refined, with red and white cherry blossoms and gold foil tree branches.


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