Tick, Tock


© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationIt’s time to change the clock

If you live in Arizona or Hawaii, you can probably ignore this post, because you, you lucky few don’t partake of Daylight Starving Time.  I wonder, is it because there’s enough sunshine in those states, there is no reason to save?

Changing to Daylight Savings time has been much easier this year.  I saw it coming – poking it’s confusing little nose over the horizon, though I remain amazed as how many things require changing.  Thermostats, the car in the clock, my wrist watch, microwave, coffee pot.  Even the little digital in the range hood.

Some things are smart enough to change for themselves; cell phones and the DVR for instance.  Though the DVR used to change itself in Arizona too, which drove me nuts!

Consider this post your public service announcement.  Today’s the day to Fall Back an hour.


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