Vogue 8323 Strikes Again


IMG_2187It’s another rendition of Vogue 8323.  This time it’s the shawl collared wrap front top, made in a lovely wool knit.  In fact, I made two of them in wool knit, except the second one is a dark brown, and does not photograph well on Flora at all.  They merge together and look quote camouflage-y.

That would probably be good for hiding out, should the need ever arise.  On second thought, blending in to the floor would more than likely get one stepped on!

Not much really to say about this top.  It went together very easily, but then I have made it before.  Pretty much all sewn on the serger.

I put some iron-on tricot interfacing in the hems to help stabilize the stretchiness of the knit.  This helped, though I still had to go back and tweak them a bit, taking in about another inch.  No one likes the bottom of one’s tops splaying out like a flying saucer, least of all moi!

I don’t know why it is, but each wool knit I’ve sewn lately seems to behave differently.  Some don’t stretch much at all.  Others stretch all over the place.  I haven’t yet found the Goldilocks of wool knits, though I am sure it is out there.


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