Ms. Green Jeans


IMG_2244As winter wears on, I find that my jeans are wearing out.  So, it was time to make up a new pair.  In keeping with the recent holiday spirit, I used a brushed green twill.  A very nice fabric courtesy of I have no idea if they have it any more, as it aged in stash for several months.

IMG_2247I’ve been seeing a resurgence in decorated pockets, so decided that this pair had to be on trend as well.  The back pockets and yokes are embroidered in a variegated green thread, with emerald crystals attached.  The embroidery designs are from Bobbi Bullard the self-proclaimed Queen of Bling.  She does have the best designs for jeans, I must admit.  I believe this one is Aloha, which came out a couple years back.

Besides embroidery on the back, I put a bit on the front pocket as well.  Not as all-encompassing as the back, a bit more tasteful and restrained.  Well, as tasteful and restrained as rhinestones and embroidery can be.  Not so much, eh?

The pattern is Jalie 968, which I’ve made many times.  This iteration I actually read the notes I wrote to myself on the pattern envelope (doesn’t everyone write notes to themselves of the pattern envelope?), so there were no surprises during construction.

I used scrap fabric in a black and white polka-dot for the pockets and zipper shield.  These bits don’t show, but I know they are on the inside, giving a bit of whimsy.


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