Rags to Raglan


IMG_2260 I believe I have found the perfect raglan sleeve knit shirt pattern.

Kwik Sew 2874.  Three simple pieces.

Like a lot of my sewing of late, both the pattern and the fabric have been in stash for a while.  The pattern several years, the fabric maybe a year?

It’s a thick knit, with 4-way stretch.  A raschel, I believe, as the stripes are made by carrying a thicker novelty yarn on the face.  While I liked the fabric, I could never decide what to do with it.  It was originally supposed to be a cardigan, but I was concerned the length-wise stretch wouldn’t take buttons well.  Then some sort of a shrug, except I don’t really wear shrugs.  I put it aside.

K2874The past week or so, I’ve had an idea to sew something where the sleeves would be sheer (obviously, not this) and the body solid, showcasing fabric, rather than style and pattern.  Digging through the pattern stash revealed this Kwik Sew, with raglan sleeves.  That would suit quite nicely.  Then I laid it on top this fabric, and the lightbulb went off!

I cut single-thickness, so the stripes would align.  Sewn with a straight stitch;  seams pressed open.  I tested using the serger, but didn’t like the results: thick chunky seams.  To keep bulk down, I used a different knit as a facing to hem the bottom and sleeves – same color as the neckband.

Pattern tweaks were minimal.  The next version I will raise the underarm seam 3/8 inch or so.  Yay!


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