Robo Tree


IMG_2303Once I was into the holidays for a bit, and had the house decorated, I realized that there was still something missing.

There’s a 1/2 bath, just off the Cauldron of Creativity (aka sewing room) that had no decorations.  All the other bathrooms had appropriate linens – towels embroidered with gingerbread houses among other designs.  Not this one.  Something needed to be done!

Enter Urban Threads, and their Robot Christmas designs. What could be more suitable for a household of geeks?

I embroidered this fine fellow on a bright purple towel.  Isn’t he just the cutest?

Yes, I know it’s long past the holidays, and he won’t see light of day until much later in the year.  But, I rest easier knowing he’s there, ready and waiting.  He’s also helped me get back to doing machine embroidery.  Enterprise and I had some mishaps in that area, which I think are now mostly resolved.

Hmm.  The house could also use some sort of table runner for Thanksgiving…maybe something with fall leaves wafting about?


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