IMG_2318Through the Looking Glass

Hah!  I bet you thought I’d completely forgotten the Wonderland series.  Not a chance!  It’s just taken a while to figure Alice out.  I mean, she does go on adventures down rabbit holes and through looking glasses.  She’s not your average youngster, by any means.

I stayed true to what I think of as the original Alice – blue dress with a white pinifore, so there are lovely blue rivolis bezeled in various white delica beads.  Even in beads, white is not always just white, there are all different types of white.  Three different whites are used here.

The rivolis are accented with crystal drops, white pearls and some petite blue triangles with a silver edge.

I really like the way this necklace drapes too.  The heaviness of the stones help it lay flat and the length of the band is “just right”.  Alice may make the Queen of Hearts jealous!


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