Bringing Home the Bling


IMG_2440Remember that box?  The one in the previous post containing a cat?  This is what was really inside!  Daggers and Drops and Druks, Oh My!

Like the Olympics, and their motto of “Bring Home the Gold”, I too sought to Bring Home the Bling.  Success!

IMG_2443The seed beads are both size 8 and 6.

The colors looks pretty basic, but basic gets used quite a bit, and these fill out the gaps in colors I already have.  True, they are not my personal color choice (orange?) but they will be used, of that I am sure.

The baggies are 1/4 kilo, and about the size of a sandwich bag.  That gives some idea of how seed beads are sold in the wholesale world.  I imagine if I owned a bead shop, the supplier would have been more than happy to sell them pre-packaged in little plastic tubes, but that is unnecessary.

IMG_2441Then there are the daggers, drops and druks.  Druk is a fancy term (Czech probably) for a simple round bead.  I guess it differentiates them from seed beads, which are perhaps made differently?  Not sure.  Will have to research that.

I really like the chrome colored daggers.  See them sitting next to the red drops?  I think they will come in quite handy, when a little something unusual is called for.  Maybe they’ll make their first appearance in a Mermaid bracelet.  Biker Mermaid, anyone?


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