IMG_2449Simply, Mauve-a-lous, dahling

I’ve been trying to expand my beady horizons by working in color ways that don’t usually appeal to me.  I am very much a purple, lime, teal sort of person.  This necklace is definitely not.

Even so, I found it a wonderful experience.  First I acquired the mauve/grey beads that make up the necklace band, then the opalescent crystals, and finally the focals.

Now, about those paisley focals:  they are antique Czech buttons.  They have a shank on the back, so it took a bit of thinking to figure out how to incorporate them into jewelry and still maintain the integrity and collectability of the buttons.  Beading books will generally say to remove the shank with pliers, but I didn’t want to do that.  It would have destroyed the button’s value.

Antique French mauve luster seed beads are also in this necklace.  You can see them at the end of the neck strap, by the clasp.  Pairing them with collectable buttons seemed like the right thing to do; keeping the antiques together, if you will.

While it’s not exactly the appropriate period, can’t you just envision the Dowager Duchess from Downton Abbey wearing this as she kicks up her heels when no one is looking?  Dahling!


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