Something’s Fishy


IMG_2451Goodness, that was a much longer break in the blog-o-sphere than I had intended.  Some days, being an adult just seems determined to get in the way.  Now that adulthood is temporarily settled into a back seat, on to the pretties!

I was rather taken with the triangles in Pop!  Pop! and decided to explore the theme a little further.  That’s how Something Fishy was born.  All the colors of the ocean, mixed with a bit of crystal seafoam.  This was stitched of-a-piece, meaning the triangle segues through the crystal into the next triangle.  I didn’t stitch the triangles, then string them with the crystals on some wire…though one could probably do that.   I find the stitch-as-you-go method keeps the triangles from collapsing.

Details:  size 10º delicas, two-tone Czech crystals and a pewter clasp.  Using delicas makes a more solid, angular structure.

Next up, I need to think of something to do with the new bead shapes I brought back from Tucson.


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