Satin Spiral


IMG_2463Every so often I need a palette cleanser.  An amuse bouche for beads, if you will.  Such was the case after completing Something’s Fishy.

These spirals are fun to do, and don’t really require a lot of thought.  More time is spent auditioning beads in most cases.

The diameter variations of the spiral come from using different sized beads.  They range from large 6s for the center spine all the way down to 15s for the little peach and white checkerboard.

IMG_2460The cord is purchased, though I think it works well.   It makes the necklace roughly 18 inches long, which is right for the beady spiral to sit nicely with either t-shirts or blouses.

The one caveat about doing these is that I need to be sure the central hole (the spiral is a hollow shape) is large enough to fit the cord, but small enough so as to stay put.  The image of a floppy spiral is less than appealing.


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