Spring Serenade


IMG_2480I picked up some new shapes while visiting Tucson.  This necklace is my first attempt at using “piggy” beads, so named because they look like a pig’s snout.  I know, sometimes beads can be quite literal.

piggie-beadsAnyway, piggy beads are so named because of their hole placement: there’s one centered hole and a second which is off-center.  You can see this more clearly in the photo to the left.

Some folks might say these are right up my alley, being as off-centered as I am.  Either way, I was determined to give them a try.

I took the component approach, making flowers with piggies, crystals and seeds.  I like how they chase each other around and around.  Pinwheel blossoms just in time for Spring!

Once all the flowers were done, it was just a matter of deciding how to put them together.  Opal crystals highlighted with more colored seeds form the bridge between flowers.  Originally I had agonized about being sure to thread the pinwheels so they all spun in the same direction, then as the necklace grew longer, I realized they were going to spin whichever way they wanted.  Any fussing on my part was going to be an exercise in frustration, and who wants that?

Pinwheels in the wind!  Spin!  Spin!


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