Sewing with Spooks. Again.


A couple weekends back, our local ASG chapter had their annual sewing retreat, loving called Camp Sew’n’Sew.  Or as I refer to it, Sewing with Spooks.  Once again, our hearty band of campers took over St. Mary’s Art Center for a wonderful 4 day repast of sewing, sewing and more sewing!  Did I mention we were there to sew?

IMG_250815 of our new, but soon to be closest friends, showed up machines in hand.  We trooped into the Center, found our rooms, dumped luggage and headed up to the third floor, where a bright sunny room waited.  Our home away from home for the next couple of days.

Tables were set, extension cords strung, and we were ready to get to work!  It’s a lovely place to work too.  Windows fill the high ceilings with sunlight; opened ones with fresh air.  Everyone has room to spread out.  There is even a table for cutting.  Not large, but large enough.


IMG_2503There are no set projects for the retreat.  It’s not a class or a workshop.  Everyone brings whatever they want to work on.  There are quilts, clothing, household items, baby blankets.  Some folks bring more than others.  Some are even accused of being “over achievers”.  Wonder who that could be (ahem)?

As you can see by the picture at the right, finished items are posted on the cork boards for all to see.  A chance to oooh and aaah as well as check new patterns.  There were many numbers scribbled onto bits of paper, as well as several “how did you do that?” queries.  Information flows freely at Sewing Camp.

IMG_2526Our “camping” is not rigorous.  There are two full fledged kitchens at the facility.  Everyone takes turns making a meal.  The organizers, wonderful elves that they are, do all the purchasing and prep work ahead of time.

This makes “cooking” more a matter of heating and setting up.  Every so often there is the mad search for serving bowls of the proper size.  A dishwasher makes clean-up easy too.  We try to have all 4 of the basic food groups at every meal.  There is even a vegetarian option.

What’s that?  I beg to differ.  Wine and sugar cookies are indeed included in those 4 basic groups.  So is chocolate!  I am most certain chocolate is included.

IMG_2523By the time Sunday rolls around, it’s time to stitch the last seam.  Time to pack up our new treasures, coil the cords and dispose of all those thread trimmings.  Suitcases are packed, though  clothes never seem to go in as neatly at the end of the retreat as they do at the beginning.

It’s always such a surprise how much heavier satchels are at the end of camp.  Sometimes we can barely lift them!

Everyone heads for home: Sew happy.  Sew tired.


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  1. Oh Suzy, how swell. I wish I was there with you! Hey, a friend of mine is a chapter member there, Karen Foster. She is a hoot, hope you can meet her.

  2. Yes, sewing as a Competitive Sport could, possibly, ah, be, ah, associated with someone with purple hair. (It was Purple Sylvia, really, really Purple.)

    A wonderful retreat and what is not to like? You get up at a reasonable time, your roommate brings you coffee (thankyouthankyouthankyou), you do your morning ministrations, you eat a huge breakfast, you sew. At noon you eat another huge and wonderful lunch then you go and sew. At 6 you take a break for drinkies, eat yet another amazing meal, then you go and sew. A few hours late you have private drinkies with roommate and fall into bed. Next day: repeat.

    I can’t wait until next year!

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