helmetThese days I am finding that inpiration comes from many different sources.  Some of them quite unlikely.

It used to be, I’d see a picture of a beaded piece, or see something in a movie or TV show that I’d try my hand at; not replicating, but obviously inspired by.

Not so in this case.  I saw the helmet at left when I chauferred Prince Charming to take his Motorad in for service.  It is as bright in real life as it is in the photo.  And no, it did not come home with me.  It’s sized for men, and my noggin is not.

IMG_2744What did come home with me was an idea.  In inkling for a color way.  Neon red and black had struck a chord.  Not only that, these were colors I already has supplies for, so creative gratification could be achieved in record time.

Well, scratch the record time bit!

What started out as a simple square stitch morphed into a much more complex design, though I think the necklace is the better for it.

So, what’s in it?  A base composed of 4mm neon red pearls and black 15 seed beads, all square stitched together.  Atop this is a net with more black 15s and some lovely black crystals.  The accent is a large black crystal, embellished with other neon beads in the same color.  The necklace rests at collarbone level – not too short, not too long.

Can’t you just see this necklace paired with black leather, roaring down the highway?  Of course she who wears it would ride her own motorcycle; there would be no passengering or side car.  Attitude required.IMG_2747


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  1. Just the thing to go with your black leather jacket when you pop out on your bike for some rattlesnake stew. I like it!

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