IMG_2733It was a dark and stormy night
Funnel clouds were on the horizon

At least, that’s what this bracelet reminds me of.  Tornadoes touching down in some Midwestern cornfield.  Dorothy being spirited away to Oz.  Maybe even something Elfrieda’s flying monkey would wear?

In actuality this bracelet is a wonderful combination of shaped beads.  There are spikes, gumdrops, super duos (or twins) and daggers.  The spikes and gumdrops are circled by super duos, each becoming an individual component.  These are then accented with blacIMG_2740k matte daggers.

The interesting thing about making this was finding that it needs to fit snugly.  Otherwise, the extremely dimensional beads would tend to cant and twist, not behaving themselves at all!

Be careful!  You could hurt someone wearing this!


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