Isle of Capri


IMG_2751 The weather is warming up, and it’s time for wearing something other than jeans.  This means capris and shorts.  Since we aren’t yet into the really hot months, it was time for some capris.

This is my T-N-T Jalie pants pattern (# 968), shortened and taken in to become capris.  Yes, that’s my able-pawed assistant there in the corner, giving everything a once-over sniff.

There is really nothing unusual about making these.  I followed my standard pocket and fly zipper insertion methods.  Took the legs in a bit, and of course shortened them to just below knee length.

These capris seemed a little plain, so I decided to jazz them up a bit with some pocket and yoke embroidery.  That meant searching through the embroidery files for something suitable.

IMG_2757Bobbi Bullard, of Bullard Designs had the winner once again.  She just has a knack for embroidery designs that work well on clothes.  This design set is called “Curlies”.  It may no longer be in release, as I couldn’t find it on her web site.  One can opt for embellishing with crystals/nailheads or not.  I chose nailheads, as crystals seems a bit presumptuous for capris.

Let Summer Begin!


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  1. You certainly wouldn’t want uppity capris now! Perfect for the upcoming hot months. Triple digits for us this coming week. Might as well live in Phoenix….

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