Sweet Hearts


IMG_2930Good Enough to Eat!

Don’t these bracelets look good enough to eat?  Little candy hearts in bright, clear colors strung together with baby fringe.  Orange, Orange!  Luscious Lemon!  Chewable Cherry! Better than bubble gum because there are no calories!*

Alas, they are not edible.  They are buttons.  Regular, every day, sew on your clothes buttons.  They don’t even have the audacity to call themselves antique, which to my mind is what makes them so much fun.  This is jewelry you can play in.  That you don’t have to worry about.  Nothing hoity-toity going on here!

The base of the bracelet is a series of string beads.  The buttons and drop beads are then sewn on as fringe, giving a very nice movement to everything.  I finally got smart and added some extra jump rings at the end (colored jump rings, to go with the buttons) which makes these bracelets more adjustable.

This adjustability was suggested by a friend whose wrists are a bit more sturdy than mine (I’ve been accused of having bird bones).  Definitely a good idea.



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