Acid Yellow


IMG_2862A couple of weeks back, we went camping in Lassen Volcanic National Park with friends.  There was a reason for that lapse in posting, you know.

This is a fumarole at Bumpass Hell.  According to the plaque that was posted, Bumpass Hell is one of the few places in the United States mainland that has active volcanic activity.

It stank, too!  The whole area smells like steamy rotten eggs.  There’s also the added attraction of boiling mud.  It’s quite something to see.  You can read more about Bumpass Hell here. There’s even a video.

Anyway – the reason for this photo?  I had no idea such colors appeared in nature.  I am very much taken with the muted grey / silver of the rock and the acid yellow of the sulphur crystals.  It’s such a juxtaposition.

IMG_2906And yes, the astute reader read that first paragraph aright, we were camping.  In a tent.  With sleeping bags.  But, we did not leave behind the comforts of home.

We had the necessities, like fresh coffee in the morning.  I mean, a girl’s gotta start her morning right, doesn’t she?

Our traveling companions graciously hosted meals in their RV, which were both tasty and delightful.  Their company was pretty darn nice too.


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  1. Mmmmm. Simple delights. And, natural colors can be stunning and inspiring. Ever been to Jellystone? I will never forget the Morning Glory pool.

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