New Look: 6150


IMG_2949There’s been more than just beading going on in the “Cauldron of Creativity”.  And really, doesn’t that sound so much better than Sewing Room or Craft Room?  Cauldron of Creativity promotes the image of ideas boiling and bubbling and roiling about.

This is one of several recently completed tops.  I realized that most of my summer fair is white or light colored, and I wanted something with a darker vibe.

This is an ITY knit from Fabric Mart, I think. Either there or  Either way, it aged in the stash and is long gone from their web site.  Besides the obvious white, black and grey there is also a muted yellow in the print.  That gives it a bit more oomph!

While most of the sewing was straight forward, New Look seemed to have borrowed a page from Burda (cryptic, assumptive) for one section.  It took a couple of tries matching markings and looking at the instruction’s picture to realize where I was 6150bsupposed to be sewing.  It’s the pleat at the neckline – in case anyone else plans on sewing this.

I made view C.  As you can tell from the pattern sketch to the right, there is quite a bit of gathering and ruching which does not show well in this print.  That’s fine by me, as I was after something comfortable with a bit more style than the generic tops that I wear during the summer.

There will be more of these made in the future, I am thinking.  The neckline is neither too high nor too low.  The side ruching isn’t saggy-baggy.  The seam up the center back allows for a wide shoulder adjustment.  What’s not to like?



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    • I was using a yellow chaco-liner to mark with. The markings showed up fine, I just couldn’t figure out where they were telling me to sew!

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