IMG_2956There I was, last Tuesday, at the local Farmer’s Market, when an absolutely intoxicating scent overwhelmed me.  Ah!  I was standing next to the fresh strawberries.  Even in late August (which it was, last week) they were still ripe with sunshine and warmth.  The epitamy of Summer.

Can scents become inspiration?  Even when one is not a parfumier?  I certainly believe so, and this bracelet is a fine example of that!  The ripe red of the berries, the light pink of the centers.  A little prickly on the outside from the seeds.  Yum!

So, what mermaid would wear this? (All the dagger bracelets are in the Mermaid Series).  I have no idea, but she obviously spends time around the strawberry patch.  Fruity Mermaid?  Midsummer Mermaid?


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