IMG_3155Phred, our kitty with a PhD, has been having a wonderful time of it lately.

He loves heavy machinery, and is not at all frightened by their backup klaxon or rumbling noises.
This is his view from the back window.
Bobcat.  Boulder.  Damper.

There have been two of these (the other is a Kubota) rumbling around the house for the past week.  There result of signing on the dotted line with a local landscaping company.  Yes, Prince Charming and I finally decided it was time to do something about the  yard.  Or rather the lack of yard we’ve had for the past 2 years.  We’re also hoping this cuts down on the very, very fine dust that blows into the house whenever we have windy days.  We’ve had a lot of windy days.

It took a while to find someone who would work with us, as we have to do this in phases, with a limited budget.  The overall plans are lovely, and even this first phase will prove wonderful.  There are more trees, river rock, boulders, pavers and plants coming.  Stay tuned!


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