More Moneta


IMG_3176Another Moneta, because, you know, a girl can’t have just one!

This time I added sleeves.  Sleeves come as an option with the pattern, so I didn’t have to do any Frankenpatterning*.

The fabric is another ITY knit, I think from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  Something picked up on sale some time back.

Rather than turn the neckline edge under per the instructions, I added a black binding instead.  Keeping with the black accents, I put it on the sleeves as well.

IMG_3178The fabric is interesting.  I like the mouse grey color and the bubbly print.  I am less crazy about the silver accent.  You can see it better in the photo at right.  The silver, whatever it is, looks great so long as the fabric is not stretched.  When stretched, it crackles.  So far, it hasn’t crackled off, but it is a decidedly odd effect.  I have a suspicion someone didn’t test the ink before printing.

*Frankenpattern: To combine pieces of multiple patterns creating a single garment.  Sleeves from one pattern, front  from another, cuffs from a third.  Sometimes it works out quite well, other times, not so much. Frankenpattern


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