IMG_3324I don’t know why it is, but as soon as October hits, I start using table runners.  There is one for almost every holiday.  Jack O’ Lanterns for Halloween.  Snowmen for Christmas.  Hmm, is anyone besides me detecting a missing holiday?  That’s right, nothing for Thanksgiving!

IMG_3321This year I remedied that gap.  Culling through the embroidery designs, I found these squash and pumpkins.   They’re just right, as Goldilocks would say.  Festive, without being silly or too specific.  Good for Fall.  Good for Thanksgiving.

I don’t usually do machine embroideries this large, so knew it would be an experiment.  Would Enterprise behave?  Would I be able to hoop everything appropriately?  Heck, did i even have the right colors of thread?  Image my surprise when everything stitched out swimmingly!

IMG_3322I used a variegated thread on the cornucopia basket because I thought it looked more like straw.  The pumpkin and squash are pretty bright, as are the berries and grapes outlined in the back.  After all the backing was cut away and threads snipped, I did a simple lattice to quilt everything together.  Bind the edges and all was done.  Even done in time to be used for Thanksgiving!

If anyone is interested, the designs are from Embroidery Library, in their Autumn Bounty design pack.


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