Twirling Turnips


IMG_3326I will be the first to admit I am not a quilter.  I make one quilt every 4 to 5 years, if that.  Not my forte at all.  I have this aversion to cutting up beautiful fabrics into little bits, then stitching them back together again.

That said, I also think quilts are like fine wine.  They need to age for a while.  This quilt top aged in the stash for over 3 years.  Maybe 4.  Long enough that I don’t remember an exact date.

IMG_3334I found myself with some unexpected free time this holiday season, so decided to finish it.  After all, it just needed to be backed, quilted and bound.  Easy peasy.  Simple wimple.  Even better, this one was for me!  It was NOT intended as gift.

The pattern is called One Block Wonder, which is pretty much the only quilt pattern I make any more. I like that it allows you to use the oddest prints – you know those funky graphics you like, but have no idea what to do with?  Those!  Once it’s cut up and reassembled, you get a lovely kalidescope effect.

IMG_3328I always try to get extra fabric, so I can incorporate the original print on the back.  As you can see this one started out life as rows of vegetables:  turnips, radishes, peas.  I really like the turnips!

To quilt it, I chalked around the central motif with 1 inch bands, creating a halo effect, then quilted it.  This allowed me to gradually work out from the center, so I was never trying to stuff the whole quilt into the sewing machine harp.  Worked pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Rain is expected today.  The cats and I will have something warm and cozy to cuddle up with.  Yum!


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