Herculean Undertaking


IMG_3290Did you ever get one of the bees in your bonnet that just won’t go away?  They keep buzzing and buzzing about, hovering in the background, being a pest.  Yeah, well this was one of those.

I used to have all my fabrics organized, but when it came time to move, at the end things got tossed into bins willy-nilly.  The past 2 years have seen me hunting for things I knew I had, and worse yet, getting more of what I had because I couldn’t find it.  I hate that!  So I put my extra free time to good use, and did something about it.

All the existing bins were emptied.  Stacks were made.  Knit print.  Knit solids.  Challis.  Linen.  Silk.  Cotton prints.  Bottomweight.  You get the idea.  There were even some “wonder” fabrics discovered, as in I “wonder” why I bought that.  Thankfully there were more old friends rediscovered than wonder fabrics.  The photo above took about 3 hours to achieve.

Then came the task of organizing:IMG_2953

  • Keep?
  • Donate?
  • Toss?
  • Re-fold
  • Re-label
  • Re-stack

Achieving multiples of the photo at right took all day long!  It was worth it though.  There is now a place for everything and everything is in it’s place.


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