IMG_3425I have said many times that I am not a quilter.  And I’m not.  My brain doesn’t tend to go in that direction.

That said, sometimes one just needs something a bit mindless but creative to do.  This was such a project.

I had originally planned to put this quilt on the “gift” pile, then Prince Charming said he really, really liked the green border fabric.  The fact that he said so on several occasions gave me the clue that perhaps it should stay with us.  Now he has his own quilt.  The catch?  It must be shared with Max and Phred.

IMG_3431The base design fabric was some bright yellow, orange, red and green spiky leaves.  Once they were all cut and stitched to One Block Wonder specifications, they turned into starfish looking shapes.  Ok, maybe starfish don’t have 6 arms, but you get the idea.

Since this quilt was now earmarked for Prince Charming, I went through the scrap bin looking for suitably masculine prints for the backing.  Smoochified neckties, World War II bombers and leftover border fabric were the result.  I think I made a pair of boxers out of the necktie fabric many, many years back.

After quilting all the triangles of the kaleidoscope fabric I didn’t have much energy to do the borders.   Those are a simple geometric triangle pattern,  quilted just enough to hold everything together.  This quilt is just a bit smaller than twin blanket size – just large enough to snuggle up while reading.


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