Is it Spring already?


SpringYes, if you live in the world of Pantone

Pantone, the color forcaster and arbiter of all things tinted has released their Spring 2015 palette.  There’s one for Women and one for Men.

Spring.  What a notion.  It’s a whopping 32 degrees outside.  Perhaps the fact that it is wonderously sunny makes it Spring?  Right now though, the trees are bare and the wind is cold.  I still put a fire in the firplace come sunset.  Spring is not arriving any time soon, though there is promise.

Of course, I no longer live in the world of Pantone, where the seasons are flipped – working with wool and plaid in June, cotton and swimwear in December.  Of this I am glad.  The fabric and color schizophrenia that ensued could have a body not knowing if they were coming or going.

My garment sewing, however, frequently continues with this conundrum, evidenced by the pattern for walking shorts that is currently on the cutting table.  Perhaps one can take the girl out of fashion, but not the fashion out of the girl?


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