It’s like being Punked, but with more whimsy and color.

I’ve had these felted balls for some time now.  They used to live in a basket, until the cats discovered them one night, in a merry bout if mischief making.

Nothing quite like discovering plastic baggies gnawed into oblivion, and unintended cat toys scattered all over the house.  I did ask whose idea this was, but got no answer from our furry denizens, just a flick of the tail and that “Who Me?” look they are masters of.

So, rather than put them all away, I took a stab at turning them into something.  I’m not quite sure this works though.

I like the individual parts, but the whole seems off to me, and I’m not sure why.  Too juvenile?  Too craftsy-waftsy?  Too fuzzy?  Too cute?

For now the necklace is draped over Françoise the Mannequin.   I’ll let it percolate there for a bit, and see if anything comes to mind.  If not, I can always cut it apart and try something else.


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