Sumpin’ Sumpin’


IMG_3259More about the landscaping.  The bare dirt around the trees at the front of the house has been covered over with river rock and accent boulders.  We are liking the look a lot.

Before the weed cloth was put down, the landscapers dug up all the irises that I had planted, put them in pots, and replanted them in another location.  I am so glad they were saved.

What can’t be seen in this photo is that there is a 4 foot deep sump to the left of the tree.  That is where the downspout for the gutter empties.  The tree should be very happy come spring, when we get more rain.

The sump also prevents gutter overflow and run-off from pooling around the foundation.  Soggy foundations are not happy foundations.

The sump is filled in with large chunks of rock so there’s no chance of anyone falling in, though when it was being dug it did indeed look like something from “Night of the Living Dead”.  I wondered if there were corpses or zombies down there.  Nope!  Just dirt.


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