Sewing Camp


sad-faceStarted yesterday.
I am not there.

The annual retreat for the local Sewing Guild, Camp Sew’n’Sew started yesterday.  I am not there.  I am most unhappy to be missing it this year, but alas, life has intervened and it is not to be.

Rationally, I know that had I gone a multitude of other things, (like the travails of life) would have kept my mind occupied, rather than having it engulfed by the joy of sewing and fabric and patterns, not to mention the wonderful camaraderie of like minded folk.

So, this year, I am sitting out Camp Sew’n’Sew.  There is a new venue, up at Lake Tahoe, so no actual spooks will be present.  It’s a gorgeous retreat with views of the lake, lots of natural sunshine and room to spread out.  There are even cutting tables!  Something the previous location lacked.

If I’m not there, how do I know this?  Ahhh, my sources tell me.  Informants send me texts and pictures of the goings on.  I live vicariously, seeing finished projects.

I’m unhappy, but content with this for now.  Next year the day job will have stopped throwing furloughs left and right; Grandmeow will be relocated nearby,  someplace safe.  I will have stored up oodles of sewing karma, and be raring to stitch.

Until then…more pictures, please!


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  1. Geeze, you made me sad! And sew you may understand how much we miss you at the Sew-In here in good old Phoenix. Alas, this is the final one. The chapter is shutting down later this summer.

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