When in Doubt


IMG_3496Use them all!

All the colors of the rainbow!

So I did.  Not that there was any doubt about this bracelet, but the recipient simply would not cooperate.  When asked what her favorite color(s) were, she said she liked them all!  Imagine that!

I was left with little choice but to use them all, and everything turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.  Auditioning the colors was a hoot!  Do you have any idea how many different greens and blues there are in the bead world?  And how woefully short it is of of yellows?

While this peyote stitched pattern follows the Mermaid series of bracelets, I am not putting it into that category.  It’s special.  This is a gift for a lovely woman who’s just finished radiation treatment for cancer.  Her spirit remains bright throughout, and the cancer, so far as we know, is gone.  Yay!



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