Vogue 8859


IMG_3620This is a Vogue pattern designed by Marcy Tilton (of the Marcy & Katherine Tilton Sewing Barn).

The pattern envelope bills them as “almost leggings” meaning not quite pants, not skin-tight either.  I was hoping for a Goldilocks style of legging.

Obviously not.

What I did get is a very nice pair of lounging pants.

The pattern has a back yoke section, which helps fit those of us with a protruding patootie.  The legs fall straight, with a slight taper to the ankles.

I tissue fit the pattern, and amazingly, it fit pretty much out of the envelope, so I decided to leap into cutting “the good stuff” right away.  Everything was sewn on the serger then hemmed on the cover stitch.

The pattern shows some stylistic tucks / gathers in the knee area, which I opted to try.  Then ripped out.  While a check of the tissue showed this feature to land at my knees, once it was executed in the knit fabric, the tucks showed up around mid-calf.  Not the most flattering of locations.  I’m not sure if this is due to the lengthwise stretch of the fabric or operator error.  Either way, I removed them.

While I was hoping for a more legging-like fit (and may use this pattern as a jumping off point to create some in the future) I am very happy with the results.

The fabric is a medium / heavyweight ponte from Fabric.com.  They have it in various colors and fiber contents.  This one feels very soft to the hand which I attribute to the 30% rayon.


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