Ursa Major


IMG_3634I’ve been playing around with dyeing some of the bone cabochons I have, trying to get something that wasn’t so white and pristine looking.  This little bear has enough carved texture to soak up the color very nicely.

Both the head and body are peyote bezeled to the backing.  The rest of the body is bead embroidered using bugle, triangle, seed and firepolish beads.

Now, I’m stuck.  I spent a whole day auditioning various beaded ropes to make her into a necklace.  None of them worked.

The piece is too large to be a brooch.  I would be concerned that either the neck area would bend, or the stone body would snap trying to close a clasp on the back.

I suppose a bail with a simple cord might work, but I think she deserves more.

Suggestions anyone?


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