Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry Bomb

IMG_3650The last of the digital cherry print.  There are literally bits and pieces left, not even enough to make binding.

The pattern is Colette’s Moneta, which was introduced last year.

I made up a wearable muslin a while back, then decided this print would be great fun for summer.

The catch (somehow there always seems to be one when I get these ideas): since the fabric is primarily white, it would have to be lined.  No problems lining the top.  I had enough other white knit to do so.  The skirt was another story.

First, I tried using the same generic rayon knit I used in the top.  Nope.  That created a clingtastic disaster.  Then I went hunting for some tricot knit I used ages ago to make slips.  Found the fabric, no digging.

But you know, 25 year old tricot knit is not so good as when it was new.  Tossed the old stuff, as it wasn’t even worth donating and ordered some new.  That did the trick, and I no longer have to worry about the skirt riding up, down and all about.  It stays put and swishes nicely.

I made two pattern alterations.  Omitted the pockets (sacrilege!) and used the front bodice boat neck for both the front and back, instead of the scoopier back that is called for.  Everthing was sewn on the serger and hemmed on the cover stitch.

Parfait anyone?


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