Marching to Marrakesh


IMG_3655Now that it is officially summer, the weather has been getting warm.  Not Cactusville hot by any standards, but toasty and a bit roasty too.

What better attire to don on these warm summer days than a pair of seersucker Marrakesh pants?  They’re great to lounge around in, but stylish enough to turn coyote heads when I saunter down the road to fetch the post.

What’s that, you say?  Yes indeed.  Even the coyotes around here have a sartorial opinion.  At least in my mind they do.

So, courtesy of Hot Patterns, another pair!  In fact, I think this is probably my sixth pair.  I know there are at least three in the current rotation.  Other pairs have worn out, or succumbed to the Great Stain Ogre in the sky.  This has to be one of their longest running patterns; I remember it was one of the first introduced in the Wong-Singh Jones line.

Anyway, nothing new with the sewing.  Made them the same as I’ve done previous pairs.  The fabric is great – a comfy cotton seersucker that is both cool enough during the day, and warm enough after sundown.  There are pockets, of course.  I even followed pattern directions, and stitched the pocket bags to the front, so no flopping about.

Nice & Breezy


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