Subtle Spikes


IMG_3727Sometimes, you want something a little edgy, without crying out to the world that you’re unique and different.  Like a glowing question mark hovering overhead: is she, or isn’t she.  That’s what prompted this necklace.

I saw some micro daggers (actually part of the Crystaletts product line) which got me very intrigued. Teeny tiny button-like daggers. Oh my!

This is the result.  The gunmetal color of the daggers and beads plays off nicely against the firepolished crystals.  The crystals are a mauve/maroon/grey color mix.

The necklace was stitched using tubular right angle weave (t-raw for the acronym enabled), then embellished with gunmetal size 6 beads and the spikes.  The black chain used as an extender was also hand made.

So, will I be making more of these, as is my wont when I discover something new?

No.  Absolutely not.  This necklace took a half-mass of crystals.  That’s 600 beads.  Until I’m once again able to visit the Tucson Gem Show, that is waaay to much stash for one necklace.


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